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Asset Cleaner PRO

    ✨ Have you dreamed of keeping your project always clean and well-organized?
    ⭐ Automatically seeing the useless and useful in your project, in real-time?
    ⭐ Safely removing unused files, and figuring out where others are being utilized?
    Yes? Then you can rely on the powerful yet seamless helper, Asset Cleaner PRO!

    Feature 1 - Project Cleaner:
    ✔ Non-distracting UI to let you focus on your primary needs. Best use Dockable
    ✔ Enhanced Project View
    ✔ Powerful actions for unused files
    ✔ Customizable

    Feature 2 - Find References:
    ✔ Blazing fast. Changes in usages are instantly displayed
    ✔ Find references, usages, relationships easily in Project or Scene
    ✔ Explore usages & references

Asset Usage Finder

    ⭐ Do you have a complex Unity project on your plate?
    ⭐ Maybe hard-to-understand asset you have imported?
    ⭐ Want a solution that will help seamlessly, without bulky custom UI?
    We know what to do!

    Introducing Asset Usage Finder v4.0:
    ⭐ Asset that will find ALL usages/dependencies/references for you
    ⭐ Everywhere - in Project, Scene and Nested Prefab Staging

    ✔ Full Unity 2018.4+ support including Nested Prefabs and Prefab Variants
    ✔ Seach for usages of AnimatorController states
    ✔ Usage search for ALL types of assets, e.g.: Scripts, Shaders, Scenes, Materials,
     Sprites, Prefabs, Fonts, Textures, Sounds...
    ✔ Search for usages in: Prefabs, Scenes, Atlases, Materials and others
    ✔ Replacement of referenced assets

Scene Switcher

    ⭐ Do you need to prepare a build for a client to test your prototype?
    ⭐ There are 2+ scenes and you want to switch between them, out of the box?
    We have a simple yet essential tool for you!

    ✅ Introducing Scenes Switcher:
      - Out-of-the box solution. Just import!
      - Switch between all your scenes on the device as well as in Editor
      - AR-ready
      - Floating semi-transparent window to avoid covering important screen areas
      - Easy navigation:
        ✔ Scene name & number always on your screen
        ✔ Circular switching support

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